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Riga Archigrams. New Riga: Postcards from a Modern City_(ENG)

May 11, 2016 4:12 pm

Riga Archigrams. New Riga: Postcards from a Modern City_(ENG)

Photograhy: Aivars Siliņš. Graphic design: Inga Karlštrēma, Artis Tauriņš, Geo Reisinger
Postage +packaging

Jaunā Rīga: pastkartes no mūsdienu pilsētas
New Riga: Postcards from a Modern City
Das Neu Riga: Postkarten Aus Einer Modernen Stadt

Riga Archigrams is a conceptually distinct set of 14 postcards, which demonstrates the interconnection between the architecture and urban environment of Riga. Here, the old and the new converge. The historical interacts with the contemporary. Here, elite urban villas go hand in hand with shanty slums. For this once, camera lens has managed to capture architectural icons in the broader urban context similarly to what the residents and guests of the city perceive. This is Riga as we know it. These are the Riga Archigrams.

This set of 14 postcards includes such well known examples from Rigas architecture and urban environment like National Library Building, Railway Bridge, Riga’s Town Hall Square, Bergs Bazaar, the House of Architect Schmaeling, the House of von Heimann near St. Peter’s Church, Office Building by the St. Gertrude’s Old Church, Rīdzene Rezidence, Ķengarags Promenade and Television Tower, Swedbank’ Headquarters and Historic Wooden Buildings in Ķīpsala, Auto Trade Centre Mercedes – Benz and Science Academy Building, “Galerija Centrs” Shopping Passage.


This set of postcards is published in conjunction with the travelling exhibition „9 Conditions of Riga: Regeneration and Transformation of the City – Urban Environment and Architecture”.


Publishers: Megaphone Publishers

Photos: Aivars Siliņš

Graphic Design: Artis Tauriņš, Geo Reisinger

ISBN 9789934146251

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