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In search for the Baltic Dimensions. Färgfabriken. Oskars Redbergs.

October 3, 2016 1:04 pm

Oskars Redbergs in Riga is collaborating with Fargfabriken in Stockholm on project Propaganda and the City. Oskars Redbergs is giving a lecture on ‘Riga as an example of a hybrid city combining in itself the still existing Soviet and new neoliberal capitalistic spatial and social structure’.

In Search for the Baltic Dimensions-session at Färgfabriken is taking place on the 13th of October 2016 in Stockholm.

In this programme, Färgfabriken search for the Baltic Dimensions*, intertwining opposite and shared perspectives in a brand new Baltic network. We identify our common grounds and launch our joint manifesto as visionary strategy, paving the way for forward-looking methods and future tangible actions. Through the looking-glass we spot a Baltic network enabling cross sectorial dialogues and participation through an active role of cultural institutions. We see cultural strategies to weave into the Baltic present, altering the fabric of the future.

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