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Oskars Redbergs. Place Making _Creative Quarter_ Architecture and Media centre H20’6

September 6, 2016 12:14 pm

Cities are placing the promotion of culture and the creative industries in the centre of their urban planning concepts. Today, they expect that vibrantly creative milieus contribute decisively to a city’s attractiveness and success. Newrtheless whats new is the emergence of creative class along the outburst of creative industries. It is made up not only of artists, cultural producers and gallery owners, but also of firms from the areas of architecture, film, music, advertising and publishing. Cities are called upon to develop new ideas and strategies for spaces that enable the emergence of creative milieus.

In 2010 we have been commission by RISEBA University to work on place branding concept and development strategy for the former industrial area at Zunda canal in Riga. The neglected area surrounding the former paper factory was supposed to be become a new University Campus district. Earlier an unknown territory in the city had to be “placed it on the map” of the city.

Our proposal was to develop the concept for the new Creative quarter – Architecture and Media Centre H20’6. Somewhat mysterious new chemical formula written on the wall became a legend among the local taxy drivers which since then could easily find the creative quarter located on the Water Street 6. The H20’6 as an new experimental formula does both, it is broadcasting and promoting a newly established creative quarter as a new urban gravity point, but also it manifests the content and experimental character of the institution hosting the creative industries (architecture and media) in their facilities.

Artists and cultural producers have always had a lasting influence on urban living spaces. What is new, however, is the fact that creative actors are also being discovered in terms of their economic potential for urban development.

We help our clients to establish innovative models for urban development.

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