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Oskars Redbergs. Rail Baltica, Global Forum. April 24-25, 2017, Riga

March 28, 2017 7:01 am

Rail Baltica, Global Forum. April 24-25, 2017, Riga.

Building a New Economic Corridor

The milestone international two-day event of the “Rail Baltica” project in 2017 on Rail Baltica economic potential, procurement regulation and organization, as well as facilitation of suppliers’ networking. It will bring together top executives and decision makers, rail, logistics and economics professionals, influential politicians and institutions as well as potential suppliers for the project from across Europe.

Panel Discussion on the Potential for regional connectivity and secondary economic benefits. Among other panelists Oskars Redbergs with the report “Rail Baltica Urban Impacts. Improved city planning in the connected region.”

“Rail Baltica Urban Impacts” project is advocating for the establishment of an integrated planning process balancing inter-regional- and metropolitan-scale benefits this connection creates with city-scale, long-term benefits for the urban environments and local communities.

Oskars Redbergs is going to discuss of why Successful Cities are making sure that a transport investment such as an interchange is implemented jointly with an integrated development plan or an urban regeneration or redevelopment plan, and why it is more likely to induce economic and social impacts.

Architect Oskars Redbergs argues that the Rail Baltica project is, to a large extent, an urban transformation project that will have an enormous effect on the environmental, spatial and social structures of cities and their metropolitan areas. Watch the video to see Rail Baltica through the eyes of an architect!

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